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A track record of reliably building and preserving wealth through quality multifamily investments.

  • Jacobson Equities takes a focused, meticulous approach to multifamily and student housing investment. We acquire multifamily properties in high growth markets that demonstrate strong economic drivers and where there are strong opportunities for value creation.

  • We implement a proven, long-term hold strategy that prioritizes operational excellence to maximize revenue and reduce costs. Our experienced asset managers continually identify ways to streamline operational inefficiencies, add ancillary revenue streams, and implement capital improvement plans that enhance long-term value, improving the resident experience and maximizing returns to investors.

  • This serves as a catalyst for multi-generational value creation. Investors can benefit from efficient distribution of cash flows, as well as growth in principal over a cumulative period of time.

Investment Criteria

Jacobson Equities is highly selective in our acquisition strategy, focusing on the quality of our deals as opposed to sacrificing standards for the sake of quantity. We typically target the following criteria:

150+ Units

We generally invest in multifamily communities that are more than 150 units, but will consider smaller assets on a case-by-case basis.

National Focus

We invest in both primary and secondary markets throughout the country, placing an emphasis on markets with strong economic drivers, a supportive regulatory environment, and favorable supply and demand fundamentals.

Core Plus & Value-Add

We target core plus mid-rise and garden-style product located in CBD or close in suburbs as well as garden-style, Class B suburban properties with legitimate value-add potential. We are open to stabilized properties in certain market conditions.

Long-Term Holds

We look for locations with long-term growth potential, evaluating factors including barriers to entry, quality of life, proximity to amenities and transportation, and identifiable opportunities in the employment sector.

Student Housing

When investing in student housing, we prioritize proximity to Tier 1 colleges and universities with strong projected enrollment growth in markets with favorable supply and demand characteristics.

For more information on our investment strategy and criteria, contact us.

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